New Perfumes for Women 2013

New Perfumes for Women 2013

      Colors can add magic to your life. Your favorite color reflects your emotion and your personality. When it comes to perfume, the color from the different perfume bottles can stir your attention. Their bottles and the liquid inside can give you an impression on what to expect from the fragrance. 2013 has a lot of surprises for women who love to wear perfumes for your daily wear or special events. Here are the new scents that you might love to sniff and based on its description, you will know exactly what to expect from them. Let’s take a look at these new perfumes 2013 for women.

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau Si Sensuelle for women

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau Si Sensuelle Guerlain for women

      February 2013 will be the moment of truth as Guerlain Shalimar Parfum L’Eau Si Sensualle will be introduced in the world of perfumery by Guerlain. Watch for this great scent and you will be totally mesmerized at its cute pink bottle with blue flacon and tassels. It gives you an impression that this is a girly, very feminine scent that can keep you fresh all day long. The white floral accords from its opening composition of grapefruit and bergamot and a dash of fresh green ingredients keeps your mind relaxed while the neroli and jasmine gives you a fresh garden scent. It dries down with an amazing floral and powdery composition of rose and iris with the perfect match of aromatic vanilla and tonka.

Mahina Molton Brown for women

Mahina Molton Brown New Perfume 2013 Perfume for Women 2013

      Another beauty to behold for women in 2013 is Mahina by Molton Brown. This is a unique oriental floral scent for women. It opens with the vibrant ylang-ylang and tantalizing orange blossom. Your nose is glued to the middle composition of great blossoms from jasmine, frangipani , tiare and jasmine. It ends with sweet and fresh mixture of cedar and vanilla. This summery fragrance is suitable for dusky, petite women with long black hair who are demure as the name is similar to Tagalog word Mahina or weak yet they are adventurous in nature. This scent has an elegant bottle with sparkling diamond design.

 Something Blue Oscar de la Renta

Something Blue Perfume Oscar de la Renta

      Oscar de la Renta should be saluted for creating a unique fragrance that reflects a woman who is ready to settle down with the man who will be the father of her children. The name implies the customary adage for bride-to-be, “something old, something new, and something blue.” Instead of pink, blue is the choice of color for this coming of age fragrance. This is a great combination of the most fragrant blossoms to make you a stand-out as you sashay to the altar. This is a fabulous and elegant fragrance that you should be wearing on your altar date in the year of the horse.

 Gucci Guilty Black  for women “Pour Femme”

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme

      This is something juicy and fruity fragrance to watch out for in 2013. A great fruit concoction from the house of Gucci! There is a compelling reason why you should wear this lovable scent. It is seductive yet reserved; you do not feel guilty when men become obsessed with you. Nothing to worry at all, you deserved to be the center of attraction because this frag is addictive to the nose. Blame it on the red berries and pink pepper on its top motif and raspberry and peach for its heart motif and not to mention the woodsy accords of patchouli and amber.

Boss Orange Women Eau de Parfum

Boss Orange Eau de Parfum

      This is definitely a feminine fragrance from beginning to end. The peach liquid color reflects a true feminine touch as you take a look at its dazzling tall bottle with stone embellishment on its flacon. Its great combination of floral and fruity ingredients from the apple notes for its top ingredients and for its middle ingredients are the blossoms of orange and white flowers give it a flirty and gorgeous appeal. Its sensuality and sexiness is eminent from its end notes of vanilla, crème brulee, ambivalent sandalwood and olive wood. It has the softness and calming effect to keep your mind cool all day long.

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