Tauer Une rose vermeille Perfume Review

Tauer Une rose vermeille Perfume Review

Perfume for Women

Une Rose Vermeille Perfume

If  Une Rose Vermeille was a sweet, that would be definitely a rose-raspberry Rahat Lokum. Sweet but transparent, fragrant and yummy in the same time, this perfume makes a statement from the first spray. It is not A rose scent, it’s a whole symphony where rose and raspberry are the two leading violins.

It ‘s absolute brilliancy rolls immediately under your nose, as the bergamot and lemon, lovely citrus scents, along with lavender first appear on the scene, only to escort the real stars : a homemade jam of raspberry , sweet but not overly, along with the Rose, in capital R, dark red, almost black, mature, velvet and seducing,, Violet, shy in the center of the scene, wafts every now and then its nostalgic aroma, reminding you of dark red lipsticks inside sequin clutches, along this bouquet of citruses and lavender.

Like all of Mr. Tauer’s creations it is not a perfume you can talk about it in just an hour, cause it needs much more time to develop, allowing you a while to enjoy its appearance before it changes again. As La Rose dries down becomes even more warm and rich, citrus settling down peacefully with the berry-rose jam and sandalwood notes, becoming more powdery .

The vanilla along with the tonka bean creeps in and the touch of ambergris makes this perfume more creamy. I have used the word ‘’mouthwatering’’ as a description for food in my life, maybe I also did for a nice gourmand perfume,, but to this day I tried La Rose Vermeille , I’ve never really experienced it physically!

Head tones Lavender, Bergamot, Amalfi lemon. Heart notes: Rose, violet, raspberry. Base notes: Sandalwood, amber, tonka bean , vanilla

Mr Tauer,,,, votre Rose Vermeille est une merveille!

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